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What your cake choice says about you

Nothing’s better than a fresh slice of cake. It’s a soft spot for us Brits. Cake is always present, whatever the occasion; birthday, wedding, anniversary – in fact we love it so much that there doesn’t even need to be a reason!

You can eat it in social groups or even sneak a ‘slither’ in a midnight raid. We all have our favourites – but what does yours say about your personality?

Victoria sponge

Don’t let anybody ever tell you that you’re boring! You are a true classic. It’s not an easy feat being named a classic however you are often underestimated. That is until you show the loveable personality that made you such a favourite. This is a true case of people not knowing what they’ve got until it’s gone. Just imagine a world without a Victoria sponge: unthinkable, right?

Carrot cake

You are experimental and will always try something new and different. A true ideas person, and when it comes good, it really does pay off. You are grounded yet very creative; who’d have thought a vegetable would have worked so well in a cake? Without people like you, there would be no new inventions on the cake front – disaster!

Chocolate cake

The life and soul of the party – people get frustrated when you announce that you are double-booked or can’t attend. You’re the kind of person that friends and family will turn to for a late night cry, and because you are the ultimate comfort, you always do a fine job of making them feel better.


You are your own person; as independent as they come. You like to limit your indulgence because you know just how greedy you can be if the chains are off. You like to keep big secret – including your age – as there’s never enough space for the growing amount of candles. Despite being a non-sharer, your irresistible cuteness means that many overlook this.

If you want to celebrate with cake – whatever your choice – The High Street Bakery can help. We can bake something to make any occasion more special. Choose from a variety of classic recipes and flavours, or if you fancy something a bit different, speak to our talented team about your ideas and we’ll see what we can do.

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