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Doughnut world records

You don’t have to be Homer Simpson to appreciate a good doughnut. There is a different type for every sweet tooth: sugar ring, jam filled or glazed.

Now, while most of us keep our love for doughnuts in control, or at least try to, there are people that take it to extreme levels. Here is a list of some of our most favourite doughnut related Guinness World Records:

Fastest time to eat a doughnut with no hands

Yes, this really does exist. Philip Santoro is the man who holds this record with a time of just 11.41 seconds. He set the record time in San Francisco, California on 17th April 2014. And he did it without licking his lips! Show-off.

Most doughnuts eaten in three minutes

There are two separate world records for this: jam filled and powdered doughnut eating.

Australian Shamus Petherick ate six powdered doughnuts in three minutes in December 2010. A coffee shop in Queensland hosted multiple attempts to beat this record and Shamus was the only one able to break it.

The most sugared jam doughnuts eaten in three minutes is also six. Steve McHugh set the record in 2002 and this was matched by Fun Yau in 2007 meaning that it’s a joint record. Who’s up for a showdown doughnut eating race?

Largest serving of doughnuts

In September 2014, television company “ERA” TV Channel 7 sponsored the making of 856kg of doughnuts in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The chefs served up thousands of traditional square doughnuts called baursaks. We’ve never tried a baursak, but we’re more than happy to try if there are any going spare (hint, hint).

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