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Starting the day with a classic breakfast


A hearty, filling breakfast is one of the best ways to start the day. Aside from increasing mental and physical performance, breakfast can help you to maintain optimal weight and increase energy levels.

There are a number of reasons why people skip breakfast: “I don’t have time”, “I’ll wait until lunch” or “I’m not hungry yet” are all reasons that spring to mind, but there are even more reasons why they should, and an endless number of places where they can get their first meal of the day.

Eating breakfast on the way to work

According to Allegra Foodservice, over 20 per cent of consumers eat out for breakfast with around 8 per cent doing so at least once a week. This means that every day in the UK, 6.5 million people enjoy their breakfast out of the home.

With a high number of breakfast options now available on the high street, the public is running out of reasons to skip what many dub the most important meal of the day. Bakeries, cafés and eateries provide convenience, save time and serve up something tasty.

What’s the nation’s favourite breakfast?

Breakfast choices have changed very much in recent years. But despite new food trends and health fads, research shows that the UK still loves the old favourites: bacon and sausage.

A report by Kantar has found that nothing appeals more to Brits that the sizzle of bacon in the morning. The figures show that bacon, compared to 2015, appeared in a whopping 87 million more breakfasts, an increase of 14.3 per cent.

Of breakfast items eaten out of the home, these are the five most popular:

Cooked breakfast – 42%
Hot roll – 28%
Toast – 19%
Pastries – 16%

On-the-go breakfast in Corby

With one of our Corby bakeries open from 5am and the rest open from 7:30am, our bakers are up bright and early to cook up a breakfast for you to have on your way to work. In the morning and throughout the whole day, all of our bakeries have fresh and tasty bacon and sausage rolls available to all of our customers.

Pop into one of our four bakeries on your way to work to see why there is a fuss about our breakfasts in Corby.

You can enjoy our delicious High Street Bakery treats at work, too. Our skilled bakers provide catering for business meetings and also have a snack van that can deliver your lunch to your work door. For more information, call us on 01536 203682.