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Have you got time for a lunch break?


Research shows that UK workers are more often than not working through their lunch breaks to finish tasks and meet deadlines instead of getting away from their desks.

A survey of 2,000 workers in the UK showed that 42 per cent do not take their full lunch hour and 59 per cent of those take less than 30 minutes. So, could this be the end of the lunch break?

Lunch habits

Surprisingly, the survey revealed that only 20 per cent of workers take their full lunch hour. 1 in 4 of respondents also admitted to eating at their desk every working day; 40 per cent of those blamed ‘too much work’ as the reason.

Although there has been a large following towards healthier foods, particularly in recent years, convenience is still the main deciding factor for lunch choices. Time-pressed staff admit to spending an average of £5 a day on lunch with sandwiches being the most popular choice.

Employers’ problem

It’s a difficult problem for employers. Whilst staff have the best intentions in working through lunch, a break is needed to be reenergised and focus on the afternoon ahead. Work may be completed faster by working through lunch, but the quality is likely to be higher after a break. It’s a hard balance for employers to strike and there are also Working Time Regulations for companies to follow.

Companies located on the outskirts of a town centre can mean a drive or walk to the nearest food store and this can be an unappealing prospect for workers as it eats into their lunch hour time.


The High Street Bakery’s purpose-built jiffy van visits various locations around Corby, providing local businesses with easy access to our products at a time to suit them. The jiffy van is an ideal choice for staff looking to save time by having their lunch delivered to them.

The van carries both hot and cold food and is always well-stocked with a great selection of our products, all freshly baked and prepared on the day of sale. To enjoy our products at your convenience, call our bakery today on 01536 203 682 and set up a delivery for your employees.