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The UK’s favourite sandwich has been revealed


With lots of political voting taking place recently we thought that it would be good to look into a poll that really mattered. We’ve all got our personal favourites, but just what is Britain’s favourite sandwich?

We Brits love our sandwiches, and whether your preference is a classic cheese sandwich or a more elaborate salmon and cream cheese, no one can question the joy of a good spread at lunch time.

To celebrate British Sandwich Week in May, Olive Magazine decided to find out what our sandwich-loving nation likes most. With so many combinations to choose from, the bacon sandwich topped the results with 12 per cent of the votes.

The winner was rather surprisingly followed by prawn mayo with 10 per cent and BLT with 9 per cent of the votes. As for the most quintessentially British sandwich, the bacon butty also topped this list alongside cheese and pickle.

At the High Street Bakery we’re very particular about how we make our sandwiches. The biggest crime against sandwiches was found to be stale bread with 20 per cent, just above soggy bread or too little filling with 16 per cent.

We bake and prepare all of our products on the day of sale so that freshness and flavour are guaranteed and we have enough fillings to cater for every taste bud.

Do you think that the bacon butty is worthy of the title? We’d love to hear what our customers’ favourites are. The result means that we now need to settle another national debate – red or brown sauce on your bacon butty? That’s the real question.

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