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How catering can impact your business meetings

Business meetings are frequently used to explore aspects of a company’s operations, depending on the scale and topics these can take time. For lengthier meetings these are incorporated with lunch, and if this isn’t the case, members of the meeting can lose concentration if the food preparation is not covered.

A reduction in focus can damage the productivity of the business meeting. It is therefore that you are prepared for longer meetings with a food selection. Here are the benefits:

Makes the right image

When you are preparing for a big meeting the upmost priority is to have flawless preparation. Your preparation, including your catering, can influence the productivity/decisions surrounding the meeting.

Imagine being a potential client and you go to an office where no catering has been provided and afterwards you go to a competitor who has presented a lunch time catering. We certainly know which one we think gives the better first impression.


It’s a struggle to work on an empty stomach. The mind begins to wander to what food you’re going to tuck into once the meeting is over – this has a huge impact on the productivity of a meeting.

You don’t have to just cater for your team because of a meeting. A happy team is a productive team so giving your employees the odd treat goes a long way in increasing productivity and gives an incentive. Go ahead and surprise your team, and you will all reap the rewards from it.


Business owners and their teams have enough to think about in preparing for a meeting. By using a catering company, the hassle is removed and you can put your trust in the caterer’s experience.

The High Street Bakery provides business catering and can deliver direct to the offices or to a venue. As well as rolls and sandwiches, we can also supply savouries, crisps, confectionery, fruit and fresh cream.

Whatever your need, we can deliver fresh, expertly prepared food, making it easy for you to sit back and enjoy your event. For more information or to book our services, call 01536 203682.