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You can now have a caterpillar cake for your wedding


The classic Colin the Caterpillar cake has been a staple choice for children’s (and adults’) birthday parties, leaving dos and general celebrations for over twenty years now.

The popularity of the cake meant that last year, Marks & Spencer decided to introduce Connie, Colin’s female counterpart. A year on, M&S have decided to extend the caterpillars’ usage to become a cake for weddings.

In time for the wedding season, the cakes have been transformed into a cake of choice for brides and grooms. Colin, dressed in a top hat and ten black dress shoes, and Connie, covered in an edible white veil and bouquet of flowers, are ten times the size of the regular cakes and serve up to 40 portions. The pair of cakes come in at an eye-watering £100.

At High Street Bakery, we believe that a wedding cake should only be the best of the best and we can’t help but feel that, unless the bride or groom has an unnatural obsession with caterpillars, these cakes are going to be a dud for many.

Some may remember a famous Don’t Tell the Bride episode where the groom built a tower of Colin the Caterpillar cakes after spending most of the budget on other areas. We all know how well that would go down with the bride!

Wedding cakes in Corby

The cake should be the centrepiece for all the right reasons at a wedding ceremony and our experienced bakers can bake a memorable cake that fits with every type of wedding. Whether it’s an elegant and flamboyant affair or a traditional do, High Street Bakery has the specialist skills to help.

Our wedding cakes start at just £69.99. We only use the finest ingredients, locally sourced where possible, and a combination of modern equipment and traditional baking methods. For more information, or to enquire about a cake that you have envisioned for your dream wedding, call our bakery today on 01536 203 682.