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What your cake choice says about you

Nothing’s better than a fresh slice of cake. It’s a soft spot for us Brits. Cake is always present, whatever the occasion; birthday, wedding, anniversary – in fact we love it so much that there doesn’t even need to be a reason!

You can eat it in social groups or even sneak a ‘slither’ in a midnight raid. We all have our favourites – but what does yours say about your personality? Continue reading

The UK’s favourite sandwich has been revealed


With lots of political voting taking place recently we thought that it would be good to look into a poll that really mattered. We’ve all got our personal favourites, but just what is Britain’s favourite sandwich? Continue reading

How catering can impact your business meetings

Business meetings are frequently used to explore aspects of a company’s operations, depending on the scale and topics these can take time. For lengthier meetings these are incorporated with lunch, and if this isn’t the case, members of the meeting can lose concentration if the food preparation is not covered.

A reduction in focus can damage the productivity of the business meeting. It is therefore that you are prepared for longer meetings with a food selection. Here are the benefits: Continue reading